VIP Golf School FAQ


Your VIP golf school is personalized to work on the areas of your game that will benefit you the most and result in better scores and more enjoyment. Typically your day will start with swing lessons on the practice tee where your golf swing will be analyzed and improved. Depending on your needs, normally next you will work diligently on short game and putting. After a relaxing lunch with your golf professional, you will then warm up and have a personalized playing lesson with your instructor where you will learn playing strategy, pre-shot routine, unusual lies, and an opportunity to use your improved golf swing in real playing conditions. Over a three or four day golf school your routine will vary depending on the areas of your golf game that needs the most work, but usually each day ends with an enjoyable playing lesson on the golf course, where you can see the improvement that you have accomplished.

At VIP, we tailor your golf school around your schedule and needs. You pick the dates and we do the rest.

It is wise to plan ahead and book a few months in advance so you can be sure that your location, accommodations, and golf professional is available. However, since we are a personal “one to one” golf school, we are happy to accommodate last minute bookings.

A $500 deposit per person is required at the time of your booking. The balance of your payment will be charged to your credit card on the first day of your golf school.

All of our customary accommodations are first class in quality. However, at most locations upgrades are possible.

We will do everything possible to satisfy our students and provide the contracted teaching hours and playing opportunities. If that is not possible, we will refund the difference or add additional time and discount your next school.

Your deposit is refundable if you cancel outside of 14 days prior to your school. Within 14 days of your school their is a 50% penalty. If you need to move your dates and it is within 14 days there is a $50 administration fee for all changes.

At most of our locations that is an option. A housing allowance will be deducted from your golf school invoice. Please contact a VIP representative for exact deduction allowance.

All our PGA & LPGA Teaching Professionals have a minimum of 20 years of experience teaching golf schools and individual golf instruction. We want you to talk to your Teaching Professional prior to your golf school. The #1 reason to choose VIP Golf Academy over all the other golf schools is for the ability to be paired with a TOP PGA or LPGA Teacher. This is what you’re paying for.

Our suggestion: Look up the Teaching Professional we pair you with on a Google search for their credibility. You will often find that other golf schools have teachers that work for multiple Golf Schools on a part-time basis, along with working as an Assistant Pro at a golf course with other duties besides teaching Golf Schools.  These are the lower-priced golf schools that don’t invest in quality Instructors.

Most Golf Instructors will not admit it, but they only teach one type of golf swing. Thus each person the Instructor teaches will learn the same golf swing regardless of your ability level, the amount of practice time you have and/or your physical abilities. The golf swing you learn should not be limited to only the golf swing that Instructor teaches.

Our suggestion: When you’re getting ready to book your golf school with us we will connect you to your teacher. Feel free to talk to your teacher about your golf game so he or she can give you an understanding of what to expect during your golf school.

This is where we differ for the better from all the other golf schools on the internet. The reason you are coming to a golf school is to improve your fundamentals with a seasoned veteran Teaching Professional. We have proven over the last 23 years we’ve been in business that if you learn the proper fundamentals throughout your golf game, your ability to play better golf and lower your golf scores will be the result of these better fundamentals. All the cookie-cutter golf schools out there take you to the golf course every day because it’s the easy way out of really doing the work necessary to make you the best golfer possible. We will do an on-course playing lesson during your golf school but it will not be every day as we want to spend quality time with you on the practice tee and short game areas to get great results.

Our suggestion: If you talk to a golf school that offers On-course Instruction every day, we suggest that you ask: ” if I’m going to be with a group of golfers how much personal golf instruction time will I be receiving? Also, ask what does the Instructor help me with during the On-course Instruction if he’s having to work with up to 4 golfers at a time. This just doesn’t give you value for your time.  A playing lesson should be when you’re feeling ready and confident with your new fundamentals to go to the golf course. We know how to best help you play better golf and the on-course lesson is to build confidence and not discourage you.

Call (772) 408-0808 for further details about VIP Golf School FAQ. Our professional staff will be glad to answer any of your questions.